Here are Three Important Reasons Why People Learn German Language, and you should too!

German is the most common native language. German is the official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Also, it is one of four official languages… in Switzerland, and one of three used more often in Luxembourg. There are over 120 million native speakers of German. Especially in Europe, although… it is common among the native speaker minorities in 40 countries. As an international language of business, scientific research, publishing and tourism. It’s estimated that German is spoken by more than 90 million people in the world, as a foreign language.

So what is the buzz about German Language? Many people are learning this language because, there’s a lot of international value in it. It thus gives them an advantage over others and also increases their personal value. Here’s why…


1. Lingua franca

Western Europe

German is an official language of the European Union. Many people in Central and Eastern Europe, choose to learn German as a second language. Outside the EU, it’s the third most taught foreign language.
With an estimated 175-200 million speakers worldwide… German is the eleventh most spoken language in the world. Considering that Germany is a country with a population of about 80 million people. (compared to the US population of over 300 million), that’s nothing to disbelief at.
Some 95 million people speak German as a first language. Meaning that… there are around as many speakers of German as a second language, as there are native speakers.
German is the official language in the following countries;
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Germany, the Principality of Liechtenstein,
  • Luxembourg and
  • Switzerland.

2. Business opportunities

Having German skills on your resume might be able to help you get in the door. Knowing German gives you access to an additional 15 million websites One of the reasons for this is that the German book market is the third largest in the world, right after the Chinese and English publishing industries. Since the percentage of these books that are being translated into other languages is fairly limited, only a knowledge of German will give you access to them.

Germany is the third biggest contributor to investigations and offers places to study postdoctoral studies for international scientists. Furthermore, Germany is the third biggest economy in the world, and it is home to leading corporations of the global market such as Audi, Siemens, Volkswagen, Adidas y Lufthansa. As to Berlin, it is considered as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Europe. Mastering German thus opens the door to a plethora of business opportunities in universities or in companies with branches either in your country or abroad.


3. Higher Education


Higher Education

Germany offers numerous scholarships through The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, German acronym) for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the best German universities in diverse disciplines.

In 2014, the budget for DAAD was of 441 million Euros, awarding 48,254 scholarships to foreign students. Moreover, international students, as well as national students, must pay a surprisingly low priced university registration fee, which, at times, is nonexistent. Furthermore, studying at the university in Germany isn’t as hard as many think, not only this, but it is an excellent opportunity to receive a top-notch education. No wonder scholars and researchers are flocking there! Learning German to save on student debt sounds like a pretty good return of investment. Some institutions charge around €500 a semester. And there’s no sacrifice in quality that comes with that. Many German universities are in the world’s top 100.

Have you heard of the saying of being at the right place at the right time? Then you don’t want to just travel for tourism and miss opportunities that could change your life forever.

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