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Globalize Your Team

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace host Companies can benefit significantly by adding an International Intern to their team by providing training or internships to young international professionals seeking career advancement opportunities.

It gives your company a great way to diversify and to build cultural bridges including exchange of knowledge, skill, and ideas.  With SSAYEI, you will have access to exceptionally intelligent, career driven, college educated professionals on a cultural exchange program.

Numerous employers, ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies, participate in the program to host trainees and interns. We can work with you to bring qualifying individuals to your company for a duration ranging from one month to 18 months. Final candidate selection is left entirely up to you. Post Internship Jobs Free

Benefits Includes:

Exceptional candidates – All applicants are screened and qualified for program participation based on their educational and professional work experience.  Strong applicants are available year-round and may begin at your company’s convenience.

 Visa paperwork handled – SSAYEI will provide your selected trainees or interns with the necessary Visa documents to obtain their J-1 Trainee or J-1 Intern visa thru our U.S designated visa sponsor agency.

No fees, no hassles – SSAYEI trainees and interns pay their own living expenses, transportation, travel and program fees. Post Internship Jobs Free

Accident and health insurance – All trainees and interns carry accident and health insurance while on program.  Your company need not provide insurance and is exempt from FICU/FUTA payroll taxes.

SSAYEI works with all businesses – We work with businesses large and small.  You may choose one of our applicants, or you can submit a candidate of your own selection for us to process.


Step 1: Application

The Applicant applies to SSAYEI Internships. The applicant is vetted and approved


Step 2: Interviews

We send you resumes to review and you choose whom to interview.

Training plan

Step 3: Training Plan

Offer your favorite candidate the position! Together we’ll draft the training plan and collect the required information from you.


Step 4: Sponsorship

Documentation is submitted to the visa sponsor. Visa Sponsor vets employer, candidate and training plan

Intern Fly

Step 5: Begin Internship

Visa Sponsor approves. Applicant attends an interview at the Embassy and is approved. Applicant arrives and begins their internship.

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